Fall Seafood Dinner in Houston

Fall Seafood Dinner in Houston

A new season has arrived in Texas, complete with slightly cooler temperatures and busier schedules. Houston has weathered some tough times lately, and left us all with the craving for some really good comfort food and the company of family and friends. Let Monument Inn be the place to turn to for a fall seafood dinner in Houston, as you reconnect with the ones that are most important to you.

Houston Strong

We are proud to be Houston Strong! We offer a beautiful dining room that will give you a peaceful view of the Houston Ship Channel, surrounded by historic attractions that will imbue you with national pride. Enjoy the relaxing sight of ships sailing in and out of the Channel, and after your lunch or dinner, visit the Battleship Texas, Lynchburg Ferry, and the San Jacinto Battleground. Make it a family day, and unwind from all the stresses of the work and school week!

Gulf Seafood in Houston

We specialize in the freshest Gulf Coast seafood in Houston, including tender, juicy shrimp, perfectly cooked fish, and flavorful oysters, but we have something on the menu to satisfy everyone in your family. Our Monumental Burger is a 1/2 lb. beef patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion, served with crispy French fries on the side, or try our famous Chicken Fried Chicken, prepared with andouille sausage gravy and served with French fries.

Monument Inn also features plenty of options for healthy eaters, including grilled chicken, a wide selection of salads (try our Monumental Chicken Salad, served with grilled, fried, or blackened chicken, feta cheese, mixed greens, banana peppers and olives, topped with delicious house vinaigrette), and of course, broiled, blackened, or grilled seafood, topped with sauces that only taste decadent.

For information, or to book our Party Room, call Monument Inn at 281-479-1521