Houston Seafood Restaurant Shares Health Benefits of Seafood

Houston Seafood Restaurant Shares Health Benefits of Seafood

Houston Seafood Restaurant shares the many health benefits associated with eating seafood.

Monument Inn, Houston’s Premier Seafood Restaurant, offers a variety of menu items to satisfy your cravings and health needs. The seafood health benefits provided by fish, shrimp and other dishes are below.

Seafood Contains Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is essential to normal growth and health. Because this essential fatty acid is not produced by the body, it is important to obtain the nutrient through food. Seafoods such as tuna, fish and halibut are high in omega 3 and can give your body the nutrients it needs. Research shows that omega 3 aids in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and other disorders.

Less Calories & Fat in Seafood

Fish definitely has ground beef beat in the health department.The color of the fish’s flesh is an indication of the fat content. Seafood is the perfect diet food that is full of protein and flavor. Almost all seafoods obtain less that 30 percent of their content from fat.

Seafood is the source of Nutrients and Vitamins

In addition to Omega 3, seafood packs a punch of many other vitamins. Iron, potassium, biotin and Vitamin A can all be founds in a variety of fish.

Monument Inn is one of the best seafood restaurants in Houston, and menu items such as fresh gulf coast oysters, mahi mahi, and stuffed flounder support this notion. If you’re ready to experience delicious, healthy seafood Call 281.479.1521 or visit https://www.monumentinn.com/ for more information.